Data Analytics

Course Curriculum and Job Profile

Three different learning paths to choose from, according to the target job profile:

Data Analyst Excel, PowerBI/Tableau, Data Visualization, Business Dashboards.

Data Engineer  Intro to Python, SQL, Spark, Big Data Processing/Platforms, Cloud Deployments.

Data Scientist  Intro to R or Python, Exploratory Data Analysis, Introduction to Statistics and Machine Learning.

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Focus Track Overview

Business Dashboard
Powercoders class

We are always evolving and tailoring our curriculum according to the needs and technologies of the companies as well as the participants.

Datacamp online learning platform included with no fees.

Coaching and support

Personalized follow-up by recognized Industry Experts

Individual 1:1 sessions 30 min/week, mentoring, questions and answers based on the participant needs.

Group sessions 60 min/week, general guidelines, recommended resources.

Slack support On-line Q&A continuous support (target response time 24h)

Duration and Workload

4 weeks, ~4 hours/day online learning.


Data Analytics

Trainers Team

João Ramalho Alain Jungo Tomas Vanpottelbergh Gael Grosh Roberta Evangelista Sasa Juratovic Vafã Sarmast Enrico Chavez
Business Dashboard Business Dashboard Business Dashboard Business Dashboard Business Dashboard Business Dashboard Business Dashboard Business Dashboard
Senior Data Scientist at Nestlé Postdoc Researcher at University of Bern Senior Data Scientist at Open Systems Data Scientist at Unit8 Data Scientist at BASE Digital Innovations Offerings Lead at Avanade Group Manager Data Engineering at Avanade Senior Statistics Specialist at Nestlé
Track Manager Python Trainer Python Trainer Python Trainer Python Trainer PowerBI Trainer PowerBI Trainer Statistics Trainer